Smart Office Solutions

Create a smart office environment with the Zens Smart Working App

Stop wandering around looking for your colleagues and/or available workplaces! With Zens Smart Office Solutions you’ll immediately know where your co-workers are and which desks are still free.

Activity based working

Being able to meet and connect with people in the office has become more of a challenge in open office environments. “Where can I find an available desk?” and “where is my colleague?” are the most heard questions. While keeping in touch with colleagues in an intuitive way helps people and organizations to work more efficient. The patented Smart Working App helps you find both your desk and colleagues. It even helps you to find a first aider if necessary.

Smart Office Solutions: Smart

Check in and charge by just putting your phone on your desk.

Wifi and wireless charging are all about staying connected. By adding another dimension, your workplace knows you’re there. Just by intuitively putting your smartphone down on the desk, that workplace will immediately be reserved for you. You don’t have to do anything else.

What’s more: you can see which workplaces have been reserved by your colleagues. As a user, this offers you full visibility in available workplaces, the location of your colleagues and a full battery.

As a facility manager or building manager, it offers you and your organisation full insights in occupancy, usage and potential savings.

Smart Office Solutions: Simple & Intuitive

Just put your smartphone on the desk, that’s all

We believe a smart office solution should be kept simple to be smart. So how easy is our smart working solution?

The moment you arrive at your workstation you can check in with your smartphone by simply placing it on the Wireless Charger, called PuK. You’ll quickly be notified that the device is recognized and that you’re checked in.

You can leave the phone there for charging. You can still make your phone calls, or go for a walk and a chat with your colleagues. Your workplace will still be reserved for you.

There is no need to login, scan a QR-code, extra sensors, extra Wifi routers, difficult ICT integrations or whatsoever. You only need the Smart Working App and a plug and play Wireless Charger.

Smart Office Solutions: Fast

Just put the phone on the desk and charge. Just put the phone on the desk and the table is booked. Walk into a meeting room and the room is booked automatically. Our smart office solution is fast and efficient, so your employees can stay focused on their work.

Smart Working App

Zens Smart office solutions already available at leading furniture companies

The Smart Working App ® is available at leading furniture companies throughout the entire world. The principle is simple:

  • find your colleague by scrolling down the app;
  • if desired, create a list of favourite colleagues;
  • find an available workplace by scrolling through the App, searching by type, floor, location or use the search bar;
  • Get a visual display by tapping on the floor plan icon;

Create a smart office environment with the Zens Smart Working App


In real time, the App notifies you in when there is a free workspace or where a colleague is located. Because you and many other colleagues will be using the office in this way, your organisation will be able to gather anonymous information for processing and analysis. You can measure occupancy on a specific day and at specific locations in the building. Measuring these factors allows you to promote cooperation and a better working atmosphere, reduce the carbon footprint in a building and lower your accommodation costs.


The Smart Working App gathers data about when a desk is available, not just free. When a user goes to the rest room or is in a meeting, many other systems would mark the desk as free. Yes, it would be free, but not available. The data collected is always anonymous.


The Smart Working App is real-time, and so is the reporting for the facility manager.

First aid

Besides that, the Smart Working App helps you to find your desk and colleagues. It even helps you to find a first aider if necessary.

Your company identity

The Smart Working App has a Zens look and feel, but it can also be tailored to fit your company’s brand identity.

After work

The working day is over. You may check-out manually, but the system will also automatically do it for you. As always, you are on your way to something else, e.g. home, friends, restaurant, sport or whatever. The only difference now is that your phone is juiced up full with energy.

Intuitive – patented

We aim to improve quality of life and try to make our solutions as intuitive as possible.  In our search for an intuitive check-in we have spoken with many people working in open office spaces, facility managers, owners of buildings and furniture manufactures. We tried many solutions where people did not understand it at first, so the product needed some adjustments. Zens is proud to have found the most intuitive solution and to bring this solution to every modern day office in the world. “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” – Donatella Versace.

More information?

We know for many people wireless charging is a rather new topic. To make wireless charging hotspots available for everyone to enjoy, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about applying the technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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