Smart desk ergonomics

Automatic height adjustment

SCIA provides structural engineering and powerful structural analysis software. With Zens wireless charging technology integrated throughout their offices in Hasselt, Belgium, every employee can automatically adjust their desk height and pre-set their favourite positions, with a flexible choice to either sit or stand. A sensor integrated in to the PuK IoT, seamlessly connects to the employee’s phone when it is placed on the charger and automatically adjusts the desk to their perfect ergonomic height.

Intelligent tailored solution

SCIA has 100 desks fitted with Zens intelligent wireless charging technology (with PuK iBeacon). Working ergonomically has significant advantages for SCIA; reducing staff sick days and improving overall productivity as well as employees’ postures. An unlimited amount of smart desks can be added and all data can either be incorporated in smart building platforms by API or viewed on the app.

Charging & adjusting effortlessly

Never run out of battery. With Zens wireless chargers, SCIA workers can keep their smartphone fully charged simply by placing it on the PuK. As soon as their phone is on the PuK, their desk automatically moves to their favourite working height. It’s that simple. Fully charged wirelessly, while they work ergonomically. No messy wires or annoying cables getting in the way. Just intuitive, user-friendly, convenient technology.

Do you want to have smart desks in your office?

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